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We've realised over the years that we've been operating that our visitors are interested in more then just the Spanish weather. Yes, of course they want to get accurate forecasts but through our Facebook page we've also found that people love to look at photos, hear about cultural events and interact with each other (especially with regard to food and drink!!). For precisely that reason we've expanded the site to include sections on Spanish culture, food and travel. You can find a list of all of our forecasts by clicking on the "Weather" tab above, but why not have a look around the site too?

Weather in Spain

With such a diverse topography and geography its hardly surprising that the weather in Spain can vary enormously. In the North, where the weather systems come from the Atlantic ocean, there is a temperate European climate with mild winters and warm summers. Conversely, the South of the country frequently experiences blisteringly hot summers and mild winters as weather moves from the North of Africa. Much of the centre of Spain is miles from the cooling/warming effects of the ocean and as a result many areas experience extreme temperatures in both winter and summer.


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Spain itself is a beautiful country with a long and compelling history. It has been invaded by many nations and this has resulted in a huge diversity of culture and gastronomy. Spain is a Roman Catholic country and remains fiercely religious. Every town, city and village holds at least one fiesta a year which is celebrated by the locals with passion and vigour (not to mention pride).

Along with Portugal, Spain forms Iberia which hangs from the Western side of Europe connected to France in the North-East. The border between the two is protected by the Pyrenees, a mountain range which stretches from coast-to-coast. As a result of the harshness of this terrain (and the ease of protecting it), it was much easier to invade from the South coasts which, the North African Moors did frequently. This influence is obvious in both the food and the architecture, particularly in the South.

Spanish food is world-renowned and very distinct from that of the rest of Europe. Perhaps its most famous export is tapas, small portions of food eaten between meals and always accompanied by a freezing cold beer or a glass of wine. The Spanish also love their rice dishes (arroces) the best known of which, Paella, varies enormously throughout the country with each region having its own individual recipe. More recently Spanish wine has also gained international recognition particularly those from its most famous winemaking region - Rioja.

Spain is a nation of sport-lovers and football, basketball, golf, tennis and motor-racing are incredibly popular, not to mention national sports such as pelota and bullfighting. The latter is still popular despite its barbaric reputation and all major towns and cities have their own ring. In 2010 Spain won the football World Cup and the great rivals - Real Madrid and Barcelona - regularly win the Champions League. Fernando Alonso is a very accomplished Forumla One driver having won the championship on two occasions and Rafa Nadal is currently the best player in world tennis. Golf is incredibly popular, particularly in the South where there seems to be a course for every village! The country has produced some of the greatest golfers of all time including Seve Ballesteros and José María Olazábal.

Despite its recent financial difficulties, it continues to be a popular holiday destination for millions of Western Europeans seeking sun and fun. There are many cheap holidays to spain and the cost of living is low, making it incredibly desirable, particularly in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

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