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Denia (including rainfall and temperature averages)

Perched on a winding mountain road overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Denia is one of the loveliest resort towns on the Costa Blanca. Inhabited since prehistoric times, it has attracted the attention of nearly every invading army that has come to Spain, from the Greeks in the fourth century via the Romans and the Visigoths. Under the Moors the town’s history took an unusual turn: Denia became capital of an independent taifa kingdom that reigned over the Valencian coast and Ibiza. Then the Slavic slaves managed to free themselves and they ran the taifa until 1076, when it fell to Ahmad al-Muqtadir, lord of Zaragoza. Recaptured by the Christians in 1244, there was such an exodus of the Moorish population that the town was practically uninhabited for centuries. From the turn of the nineteenth century onwards it seemed to regain its appeal: French troops occupied it for four years, during which time they managed to destroy the castle and rebuild it, and later a contingent of English raisin traders made Denia their base until the Spanish Civil War.

Today, Denia has the best beaches on this stretch of coast – clean, picturesque and secluded, with the perfect sunny climate in which to enjoy them. (As elsewhere on the Costa Blanca, temperatures are warm – a minimum of 18°C – between March and November, reaching as high as 35°C in August.) The only downside is that many of them are inaccessible unless you have a car. This is also an attractive area for golfers: Oliva Nova Golf Resort is just to the north of town, while there are a wealth of alternatives within easy driving distance around the Costa Blanca. Parents with kids to entertain will appreciate the theme parks of Benidorm; lower key alternatives in Denia itself include banana boating, or you could take a mini cruise along the coast from the harbour.

The biggest cultural attraction is Denia Castle, perched high on a crag overlooking the town. Take the tourist train up from the tourist office to get outstanding views of the dwellings below, the bay, and the surrounding countryside, before wandering round the atmospheric old buildings. The ornate Palau del Gobernador is found within the castle walls: the attached museum details the history of the fortress. The streets outside are brightly painted – follow them down to the lovely old Iglesia de la Asuncion, which has a fine dome.

The best time of year to visit Denia is during one of its two colourful fiestas. In March, the bonfire festival is celebrated. Huge paper mache statues, known as fallas, are set up throughout town and then set alight. July brings Bous de la Mar (Bulls of the Sea), a weeklong fiesta of which the highlight is watching bulls run down the main street, to be chased into the sea by those foolhardy enough to enter the makeshift bullring.

As fits a sleepy resort, Denia’s nightlife is relaxed at best. There are two streets to choose from: shady Marques del Campo, which has the best bars, and El Port, a line of attractive restaurants facing the port area. Most places specialise in local rice dishes, such as paella, or black rice – rice cooked with squid in its own ink. The local speciality is Fideua, a noodle based paella.

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