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Lloret De Mar (including rainfall and temperature averages)

The Rough Guide describes Lloret de Mar as “one of the most extreme resorts in Spain”, a tag that will thrill some and horrify others. Today a magnet for the northern European 18-30 crowd, Lloret has been inhabited since Iberian times, although it is not documented until 966 when there are references to a small port called Loredo (bay laurel). A frequent target of Saracen raids in the Middle Ages, until the fifteenth century the town was based one kilometre inland to protect its people from pirate attacks. The port became commercially important in the eighteenth century, when wealthy returning Spanish immigrants to the Americas built the Garriga Houses, but it was not until the coming of the package tour in the twentieth century that Lloret truly found its niche. Time spent here is in no way an authentic experience – indeed, many visitors seem unaware that they are in Spain at all – but if you’re looking for bold, brash fun, there’s nowhere better to spend a couple of weeks.

Given the lovely warm Mediterranean climate, the star attractions at Lloret de Mar are of course the beaches. The central beach is one of the most popular on the Costa Brava, and is usually covered in oily bodies as a result. Nonetheless, it manages to keep its white sands pristine and consistently wins a Blue Flag for cleanliness. The water is warm and crystalline, and safe to swim in. For those seeking a little more privacy, there is 7 km of public shoreline consisting of shorter beaches punctuated attractive coves and lookout points. You can reach them on foot or on the coastal boat from Tossa de Mar.

For those who tire of the sands, there are a few sights in town. The Castle of St Joan is an eleventh century castle built to defend the town: all that remains now is the tower, but the views from the top are fantastic. The Church of Sant Roma is a spectacular Gothic building with Byzantine, Muslim, Renaissance and Modernist influences. At the end of the main beach, the Monument to the Fisherman’s Wife is a bronze statue erected in 1966 to commemorate the town’s millennium. It is said that if you touch the sculpture’s foot whilst looking out to sea, your wishes will come true. Finally, the Renaissance inspired Santa Clotilde gardens are found at the top of a cliff with impressive views over the sea.

Food in Lloret is what you might expect in a resort town. Dutch, German, British and Chinese food is all readily available and pizza is ubiquitous. If you want to try Catalan or Spanish cuisine, be prepared to pay a little more: it’s somewhat endangered in these parts! Tapas and seafood are the best thing here – but it’s all a precursor to bar-hopping anyway. The streets are lined with pubs and clubs, with music from all over the world. The most popular is Spanish pop and house – just grab a sangria and go!

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