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Majorca (including rainfall and temperature averages)


Mallorca is popularly dismissed as little more than sun, booze and high-rise hotels, so much so that there's a long-standing Spanish joke about a mythical fifth Balearic island called Majorca, inhabited by an estimated seventeen million tourists a year. The clichés do exist – and two or three stretches of coastline are largely concrete – but the largest of the Balearic Islands has far more to offer the adventurous visitor.

Inhabited since antiquity, Mallorca was occupied by the Romans in 123 BC, flourishing under the rule of the Empire until 426, when the Vandals sacked the island. It passed through various hands before King Peter III of Aragon invaded in 1344 and reincorporated it into the Spanish crown. Life was fairly peaceful until the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936. A nationalist stronghold, the island was swiftly attacked by Republican loyalists. The battle was fierce but short: air power provided by the Fascist government in Italy proved decisive and within a month the Republicans had retreated for good. In the 1950s, tourists started to arrive in Mallorca. They were followed by workers from the mainland chasing foreign money; between them the new invaders would change the culture and appearance of the island forever.

Mild stormy winters and hot bright summers make Mallorca appealing almost year-round. The obvious attractions are the beaches, which vary wildly depending on where you go. For resort lovers the best bet is the developed southeast, which offers all the usual watersports against a backdrop of ruined castles. The Coves del Drac near Porto Christo are an underfeature classical musicians sailing on an underground lake, with astonishing illuminations. The north, untamed and rocky, is a magnet for hikers, who adore the thorny trails of the Serra de Tramuntana, whose leaping peaks are interspersed with occasional olive groves and a series of picturesque towns and villages. Port d’Alcudia, with its pine-studded golden beach, is easily the most popular resort in this area, while the wetlands of Parc Natural de S'Albufera provide superb birdwatching.

Palma de Mallorca is the most vibrant city in the islands, making up in cosmopolitan colour what it has lost in cultural purity. Avoid the suburbs, which are tired and dull – the centre is a wonderful mix of mazy lanes, restored old buildings and lively shops, all enclosed in the crumbling city walls. Dominating the waterfront, the magnificent cathedral is deservedly world-famous. Started in 1221 on the remains of a mosque, it was not finished until the 17th century. Much later, the eccentric architect Antoni Gaudi was drafted in to refurbish the interior – the combination of styles is surprising but beautiful. Palau de l'Almudaina, opposite, is a warren of rooms that now houses a collection of Flemish paintings. Tucked away in the backstreets is the Banys Arabs, a bathhouse dating to the Moorish occupation.

Bizarrely for an island, Mallorca imports almost all its seafood. There’s no need to worry about what you’ll eat, though: the islanders are famous for their cuisine. Sobrassada is a soft cured sausage, often spread on toast or fried with quails eggs or honey. Botifarro is more exotic: a pork intestine stuffed with coarsely ground pork cuts and liver and flavoured with aniseed. Saffron rice with chicken, pork and vegetables is another favourite, and there are olives and almonds in almost everything else. Ensaimadas are sweet pastries with a variety of stuffings – island cooks use pork lard to make the pastry, which is why it never tastes the same anywhere else!

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